MFM007 – Neko Neko – Pesticide

Mancunian producer Neko Neko has been causing a bit of a stir among internet beat-tape heads with his download-only album “Orange Side of The Moon“, a brilliant reworking of Pink Floyd’s seminal 1973 LP in a similar vein to Bullion’s “Pet Sounds…” He also recently appeared on the Mind On Fire 005 EP alongside XXXY and a host of other up and coming producers coming out of the North West.

On Neko Neko’s solo vinyl debut he showcases two of his more organic sounding productions “Pesticide” and “Plus & Minus”, featuring expert sample work alongside some well placed live instrumentation. Both tracks are beautifully produced and reminiscent of some of Four Tet’s earlier work with a slight nod towards such luminaries as David Axelrod and Alice Coltrane, while also drawing clear comparisons to the beat-scapes of “Orange Side…” Judging from this and his other recent releases Neko Neko is clearly one to watch, expect big things in 2011!